ARC NFT Marketplace Holds 300,000 $JUP Token Giveaway Through Its Partnership with JUP Apes

The NFT ARC Marketplace was launched on July 25, 2022 and now they are starting their career with their first partnership project, JUP Apes. To celebrate and promote the release of its platform, ARC, JUP Apes, and Jupiter Project have partnered to prepare a series of airdrops, community giveaways, and marketing strategies.

Leading the upcoming campaigns, is a giveaway of 300,000 $JUP tokens and rare Ambassador JUP Apes NFTs.

There are many incredible NFT marketplaces. We're carving out clear differentiators in the application of innovative technology and a focus on partnerships that tangibly put creators and users first.” — EnigmaFund - ARC iCMO and Strategic Advisor

The first place winner walks away with an astounding 250,000 $JUP Tokens and a rare JUP Ape NFT.

In total, over the next 2 weeks, ARC will be rewarding 1,000,000 $JUP tokens, over 50 NFTs from JUP Apes, ASTRO punks and SOLAR punks (by talented artist Josh Sommers), Eggleston Electric Fractal Timber Art and $ARC tokens both to new users as well as airdropping to anyone staking over 50,000 $ARC tokens in the ARC DeFi farms.

Anyone staking ARC in DeFi farms currently enjoys over 14% APY on their tokens, as well as airdrops of partner native tokens, NFTs, and future revenue sharing from ARC's products and partnerships.

    "There are many incredible NFT marketplaces. We're carving out clear differentiators in the application of both innovative technology and a focus on partnerships that tangibly reward creators and users first. This is just the start. Our vision is to create a cohesive and balanced ecosystem with $ARC holders at the heart of it all, in a way that makes sense for all parties. At the heart of this vision are fundamental core values: constant innovation, consistency, listening, cooperation, synergy, gratitude and generosity. We receive for the sake of sharing more.”, elucidates EnigmaFund, iCMO and advisor at ARC.

900 Apes are available initially on ARC's NFT Marketplace, with rare variants selling out as at the time of this writing.

This is the second big reward drop for ARC's NFT marketplace. Later this week, ARC launches the much anticipated first drop of StarCards Sport Games' first NFT series. Earlier in 2022, $ARC token holders received a significant airdrop of 5 million $SCSG tokens.

ARC’s proprietary NFT marketplace offers its partners an exciting array of features, one of which is lazy minting. Lazy minting benefits the project and creator as minting only takes place when an NFT sale occurs. This means that gas fees are charged to the user only at that point in time for the minting process. These kinds of advantages put the creators and users first, and reduce several barriers to entry such as steep up-front NFT minting costs.

ARC’s NFT marketplace also only charges 1% fees, approximately 75% less than the industry standard, and shares half the revenue generated with anyone staking $ARC tokens. The $ARC token stakers benefit from partner token and NFT airdrops as well as any other forms of partnership revenues realized by ARC.

Source : einnews

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